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Why get a Wedding Album?

Why get a Wedding Album?

There are so many positives to getting a wedding album, but it is usually the first thing a couple doesn’t get. The first of many reasons is the expense. Newlyweds tend to pass right over a wedding album and go for the 5×7’s or the digital images. While the digital images are a perfect addition to your wedding day, they are only an addition. How many times will you pull out that USB or digital gallery? You’ll add hundreds of your wedding day photos to facebook and then rarely look at them again. Or you’ll stuff them in a folder on your computer and when it crashes they are gone. Technology will become outdated eventually and you’ll wish you had a timeless album. You’ll print a few of your favorites, frame them, and a few decades later they end up in the attic. Your kids grow older and next thing you know, they haven’t seen images of their parents on their wedding day for years.

Your images are beautiful and stunning. They deserve the best high quality print you can get. This is an important investment and an investment that will be life long. You will feel your photographs, the linen, the gloss, the texture, the leather or pine, it all goes hand in hand. Remembering your day will be in front of you every day with high quality albums. You will look back at every anniversary and relive this amazing day. The albums are not just for you, but for your children, grandchildren, and generations to come. This investment is not something to overlook and is something you want quality in to last for generations to come.

Your day deserves a stunning timeline and one that will last. Make the choice to invest in your day with something that will last for years and not something that you will put away in a desk drawer or in an attic. Canvases and prints are great, but wedding albums are keepsakes.

Below you can find images from the brand new pine wedding albums. This 12×12 wedding album is gorgeous with a real pine cover and perfect lay flat pages. A wedding album can be ordered in linen, pine, leather, etc. You have so many color options and ways to coordinate with your wedding day. Wedding Photography by TSM also offers wedding day packages with albums. Parent albums are always available at an affordable rate.

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