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I write this blog entry as a wife, mother, sister, and most of all daughter. To me time matters. Did it matter 20 years ago? No. It didn’t. Unfortunatley, it didn’t. Or maybe it did, but I didn’t know it yet. I didn’t know how much that soccer game, pageant, big screen movie, girl scout meeting, road trip, holiday, family dinner, or day at the park really meant. I didn’t realize just how much time mattered. I grew up really fast. Most people who know me don’t even know half of my stories and I am what most would call young. I wanted to take a personal day to mark a day where time matters. I have recently passed my birthday… woohoo getting closer to 30. Now you know I really didn’t mean that woohoo. LOL  As I pass my birthday and just like every year I also pass the anniversary of my dads death. Once I pass that I gain momentem on getting closer to my mothers death anniversary. Yes, you read that all right. I am young and without my own parents. I am what we call a parentless parent or a motherless daughter. Both hit me hard. And this is why time matters.

Time matters, because one day the time will no longer exist. I lost my father at 11 and I lost my mother at 23. I look back now and I barely have any photos. I didn’t realize I needed to freeze time. Even after losing my father at 11 I didn’t even phantom the idea of losing my mother. Especially not while raising a one year old and due with a second 5 months later. I have one picture of my mother and daughter. Yes, one. The day she was born. The first one to hold her. The first picture of her ever taken.

Time matters and before you know it, it is too late. Those images are all you will have left. Those images matter. I never had a wedding. I don’t have those images. We rarely did family photos. We rarely took photos. We now live in a digital age. An age where we can freeze time and we can make time matter.

Wedding photography is my passion. My passion is giving someone something I could never have. I want people to know how important those images are, just how important that time is. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is very important. Having a realistic wedding budget is very important. You don’t realize until it is done, but all you walk away with is those images. When everything is said and done, you are left with images. Make time matter and make your wedding photography be the most important detail. Not the cake, the food, the venue, the extras – the wedding photographer. You don’t go home with cake, food, beer, appetizers, etc, you go home with photos.

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Time Matters

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