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New Year, New State, North Carolina Photographer

North Carolina Photographer – New Year, New State

I guess this should be a big ‘ole welcome to North Carolina as a North Carolina Photographer! It is officially 2015 and we are officially in settling in. We have North Carolina plates!! LOL I said “we would never get North Carolina plates”. Well that lasted roughly a month! Oops! I am looking forward to the new year and the new beginnings as a North Carolina Photographer. Last year we only had one homeschooler, this year we have two. Being a photographer has opened so many doors for me and my family. One of my top priorities as a Mom was to be there for them. I have never wanted to send my children off to school. I have always wanted to be their teacher. I find the little things are very important.

We have found ourselves at home in North Carolina. We have got one in a homeschool girl scout troop and they both started homeschool ice skating lessons this month. Today was their very first ice skating lesson. My son, who is 5, was not all into it. The poor guy was really cold and said “his feet hurt”. My daughter on the other hand would not get off that ice. After finishing her lesson she skated during open session. This girl has never been on ice and she went out there determined to not leave without learning. I am so proud of her! She fought through the many falls, the freezing hands, and blisters. In the end she walked away saying “Mom, I did it by myself”! She was very proud of herself. I personally have never seen her so proud and dedicated to something. I can’t wait to watch her grow through ice skating. I can’t wait to capture the images as a North Carolina Photographer.

It is very important to have goals for the year and do your best to achieve them. As a North Carolina Photographer I have set some new goals. My biggest goal is making the smooth transition from Texas to North Carolina. We are making reading a priority goal in this household for 2015. My daughter has very poor eyesight and reading has become a challenge for her. She has recently taken a liking to American Girl Dolls. Her very first doll was Rebecca. She has a goal to read about this historic doll and learn more about Jewish traditions. The three of us will be spending a lot of time reading American Girl books together. My son felt a little left out of the whole AG scene, so we started working on creating a Harry Potter doll. He calls him his American Boy Doll.

I am excited to start 2015 with two homeschoolers in North Carolina!

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North Carolina Photographer

North Carolina Photographer

North Carolina Photographer

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