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Being A Mom & Photographer | NC Family Photographer

Being A Mom & Photographer | NC Family Photographer

I was a Mom first and then I was a photographer. That order will never change. I will always be a Mom first and a NC Family photographer second. That doesn’t mean that my children will not ALWAYS be in front of a camera, but merely that I will leave my camera behind often. I am always photographing my children, but sometimes I think there is more to an image. Just like I love being a photographer, but I look at my relationships with clients as more than a client. An image is important, but the story behind the image is more important. If you have no foundation for the image, you have no image. I think anyone can take a great photo. I don’t think just anyone can create that amazing photo.

You find yourself always wanting that perfect image as a Mom and photographer. The problem is we create a barrier with our children. They can’t act natural with us. Yes, I realize how crazy that sounds, but they really can’t. Just like your child listens to someone else and not you, well that right there is what a photographer needs. This is the very reason why it is so important for families to hire a NC Family Photographer. You may take awesome pictures of your children, but what a different eye will see might amaze you. It is important for us, as Mom, to step back and let someone else do the work. Why overwhelm yourself with something so little? You could be creating memories with your children instead and let a NC Family Photographer do the work.

This is why I am a Mom first and a photographer second. When we go to sea world, disney, the museum, etc, my camera does not go with. Mom goes with, but, the photographer stays home. This is time for me to spend with my children. Pictures are so important to me and I hate missed moments, but I would hate to miss reality too. When you hide behind a camera, you really forget what is important.

Be a Mom first and a photographer second. Hire a NC Family Photographer to create your memories for you and include you. Don’t miss out on those years hiding behind a camera. 

Feel free to follow my blog and learn more about Family Photography!! New tips and tricks to photographing your own children will be blogged soon!

NC Family Photographer

NC Family PhotographerNC Family Photographer

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