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Making Brides top priority ~ The Wedding Booking Gift

Making Brides top priority ~ The Wedding Booking Gift

I am always asked, “Do you send your couples a booking gift”?



You have to send them a booking gift. You need to make that couple your priority.  They are laying their wedding day in your hands. As the photographer it is your job to show them you will be there for it all. Sending them a gift lets them know you are going to be there for them. This gift is a great way to invite them into your business, to build that relationship with them. You are thanking them for choosing you. You should feel lucky, not entitled. They didn’t have to choose you as their photographer. Thank them!

Sending anniversary gifts and soon to be parents gifts is also always a great way to keep your relationship with them going. Make sure to let them know even though their big day is over, you have not forgotten about them. It is always best to customize the packages as best as you can. Make it something to impress them, something they want to talk about. Make them feel special.

I always change my gifts up, but try to keep them all themed in some way. This set that I am showing you was themed “gold and loved”. The items that I used in these boxes are:

~Mr & Mrs engraved mason glasses

~Essie Cotton Candy nail polish

~EOS light pink lotion

~white daily planners with a gold heart  (I stamped their wedding day with a gold Mr & Mrs)

~XOXO ring dishes

~Mr & Mrs gold plates

~Burts Bees cleansing cream

~Strawberry Lindor Candies

Have fun with creating these boxes. Make them customized with your logo ink stamp, wax stamps, etc. I usually mail my booking gifts, but sometimes I will bring them to the engagement session as well. Make sure to throw some referral cards into the box. Usually these boxes come as a surprise to my clients and they absolutely love it! If you make a custom booking box leave a link below to the photo! I would love to see all the creative minds out there! Good luck booking! Make them a priority!

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