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North Carolina Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Charlotte, Greensboro, & Raleigh, NC | Wedding Photography

I hope everyone enjoyed that last homemade ornament blog! Today I want to hit on sharing my experience with rebuilding a photography business. I started off as a Texas photographer. With our recent military move I have now become a North Carolina Charlotte Wedding Photographer. When you are an Army wife you learn how to deal with change. You actually learn how to handle it very well. I spent three years building a Texas photography business and now I will spend the next few years building as a North Carolina Charlotte Wedding Photographer. You come to see the little things that most local businesses don’t see. Little issues actually become big issues for photographers like us. I had to legally register as a Texas business and now I am legally registered as a North Carolina Business. I wonder how many states I will eventually be registered in?? The part that makes it really fun, is now I have started offering Nationwide Wedding Photography. This means ultimately I have to be legally registered to work in every state I work in. Can you imagine the pain that comes with that?

The first thing that several people do when thinking about becoming a photographer is start a portfolio. While that is the best place to start, it is not your first step. Your first step is to become legal in your state. Every state has its own rules and you should always contact a legal aid to help navigate the states rules. As a North Carolina Wedding Photographer I had to set up shop legally here in North Carolina. When you move around a lot you tend to learn the rules of many different states. Even though my husband has a home of record for a different state and we pay taxes to a different state, my business has to be registered here in North Carolina.

After you are registered, you are ready to start your portfolio. As a North Carolina Wedding Photographer I am no longer working on a portfolio, but I am working on building new clients. Networking is the number one way to bring business in as a photographer. This means bridal shops, flower shops, and venues. I am new to the area and because of that I have to work on getting my name out there. I am no longer in Texas and well North Carolina has no clue who this North Carolina Charlotte Wedding Photographer is. Once you have build your network, your referrals will come within time. Be sure to grow a strong relationship with other photographers in the area as well. Photographers turn to each other for help and you never know when you might need them.

Be sure to maintain your image in the local area and work well with others. Word of mouth goes far and you will want it your favor at the end of the day.

I can’t wait to get the show on the road as a North Carolina Charlotte Wedding Photographer. I am so excited and feel that this year will be the best to come.

I am locally shooting weddings in the NC, SC, GA, VA area and nationwide for everywhere else.

If you are interested in looking at our gallery or even looking for a quote for a North Carolina Charlotte Wedding Photographer, be sure to visit our local wedding page!!

While we shoot throughout locally in North Carolina, we also travel nationwide photographing weddings!

If you are interested in booking out of the state of North Carolina please visit our destination page.

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Charlotte Wedding Photographer

North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Charlotte Wedding Photographer

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